Newsletter January 31, 2019
Have a Treemendous 2019


   I will be offering a tree care class starting March 9, 2019 for 10 weeks. Look for details in the next email

    In 2018, warmest 2017/18 winter on record; driest spring with .2 inches of precipitation until late July. Taos area with a year ending in December, a drought condition rating of exceptional 

​   2019 snow fall will improve soil moisture; remembering that 18 inches of snow contains on the average one inch of moisture. Let’s hope for continued snowfall

    One of my volunteer positions is chairing the New Mexico Urban Forest Council (NMUFC) meetings. These NMUFC quarterly meetings advise the New Mexico State Forester through our New Mexico State Urban & Community Program Manager. Some tree programs discussed: Tree City USA status, Tree Relief Programs, Community Tree Assistance Programs, Tree Planting Projects, Tree Education and Outreach and a newly updated 5-year Strategic Urban Management Plan.


    I offer in-kind services to the Town of Taos. I am the chairperson for the Taos Tree Board. Any questions about trees and our Taos tree board please email: 
Next Taos tree Board meeting will be Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at the Town of Taos Council chambers. Open to the public. Some topics are the 2019 Arbor Day celebrations and the tree boards work on a ‘Taos Community Tree Care Plan for Public Trees’. 

    PBJ Trees & Environmental Strategies will continue to service your trees: plant and prune trees, improve soils and evaluate your home-site. 
    I will continue to teach, continue to study and continue to educate local, town, and state communities about proper tree care. 
    I have a passion for trees and the 'Life of Trees'. Orchard planting and care is a big focus. Plant a Backyard Food Forest.
​     I have two-grown children, seven grandchildren and wonderful wife, all doing great!
      New hip in 2018 and back surgery scheduled for early November 2019

Thank you for your tree stewardship and your tree business.
  Paul Bryan Jones