2019- 2020 Have a Treerific Christmas & a Treemendous New Year!
Hello, thank you all for your support and being good tree stewards!  
I had immediate major back surgery October 9, 2019, which was wonderfully successful! I had screws, rods and fusion of S1/L5. After 5 years of pain pills, spinal shots, and 3 Aleve pills daily; the intense sciatic pain and numbness in my left leg is gone! Recovery is 3-4 months because the Doctor does not want me working with the trees until the bones are completely healed. Again, my apologies if I missed you and thank you for being understanding these last several years. 
It is a new tree season, let’s hope for another snowy, cold winter and a wet spring. This is a good time to be watering your trees on a warm day. Winter water your trees, on a warm day, once a month. This is also a good time to get on my schedule for next year. Just email me. I have lots of house time on my hands.
Winter time, on a warm, day is a good time to be pruning evergreens. The best temperature for winter pruning is 50-60+ degrees. I try to finish pruning for the day about 2-3 pm. In February & March, on a warm day, before leaves come out, is a good time to be pruning the stone fruit trees and shrubs. Pruning Apple and Pears are best done, March and April, before leaves come out. 
Springtime is a great time to be planting new trees. Planting trees before leaves come out can be beneficial. The tree’s structure is visible at the nurseries and the spring planting lets the tree get established quickly, and you can water properly since you are outside actively enjoying the springtime garden activities. 
2020 Taos Tree Board activities included: Tree Poster Contest with the fifth-grade classes through Taos, 2020 National Arbor Day Celebration, Pruning Workshops, and Tree Plantings. The Taos Tree Board is working with the new Planning Director, Nathan Sanchez, our tree board Liaison for the town. We are hoping to improve our Taos gov. website. The “Town of Taos Community Tree Care Plan” was approved by the Town Council. Copies available mid-December, please email taostreeboard@gmail.com. 
“Healthy Trees are Happy, Resilient Trees”